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Topic: Need digital mixer advice

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    Need digital mixer advice

    I\'m looking to expand to a 2-PC Giga Studio setup, and I\'d like to mix the digital outputs from both machines. Any recommendations for the best way to do this? I was thinking that a digital mixer would be the best, but I don\'t want to spend a ton of money on it. My current mixer only has one digital input, so it won\'t do the trick.

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    Re: Need digital mixer advice

    Do you have s/pdif in/out on each? If so you should be able go digital out of machine 1 to digital in of machine 2 and end up with a combined output. You will probably need to adjust your sound card\'s mixer settings and set the clock on the second machine to external synch. This works fine on my setup. - Doug

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    Re: Need digital mixer advice

    Yeah, each card will have an S/PDIF in/out. I currently have an MAUDIO Audiophile card, and I was thinking of getting another one since it has worked so well for me.

    So you think I can just run digital out from card 1 to card 2, and then run digital out from card 2 to my external digital recorder? If I set card 2 to external synch, will it pass along that synch through the digital out so that my digital recorder can synch to it as well?

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