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Topic: Help! To take the job or not to take the job...

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    Exclamation Help! To take the job or not to take the job...

    I just received a call from a 'headhunter' who is interested in having me interview for a contract position with a local game developer. The contract is for sound design (not my forte, but I'm interested in doing more) and lasts for 9 months.

    My concerns are that I just started a regular 'day job' recently, and it is a permanent position. Good pay, good benefits, and without saying too much, a good chance of making a lot of cash in the not too distant future. But it isn't games and it isn't audio.

    If I were to be offered this game gig I would get actual industry experience, but it would only last 9 months. At that point I may end up out of a job...In addition, my actual experience thus far is quite limited, so I'm not certain that I'm actually qualified for the position, or if I have the relevant skills for a pure sound-design gig.

    This isn't my 'dream job' by any means, but it puts me squarely IN the industry. But it is a gamble, as I don't know where I'll be 9 months from now...What would you do in my situation?

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    Re: Help! To take the job or not to take the job...

    Go to the interview, see if they make a job offer. If they do, then start to worry about it!


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    Re: Help! To take the job or not to take the job...

    You have to start somewhere man, it will take alot of us a while to reach our dream jobs. I have a day job too, granted it is in the game industry, but far from my dream job as Im doing audio and level design.. .while doing music contract work on the side. Definately go to the interview, see what happens, it may be worth it to drop your current job to follow your dreams.

    Rich Douglas
    Composer / Sound Designer for Interactive Media

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    Re: Help! To take the job or not to take the job...

    you idiot..

    Just apply.. have a talk to the company. You may not even get offered the job.. but aren't you just going to kick yourself if you don't see what happens.

    Between now and then start playing with some sound design. Listen to some sounds in games and think how you would create them.

    Really sound design just composition of sound.

    Can you mix? Do you know how to edit audio? If so then you have the basics for sound design, the rest is up to your own creativity.

    I can attest to this as my background was always in composition, but I started getting small contracts asking if I could do sound design, so I said yes and bought myself some libraries : The SFX Kit, and General 6000 library from Sound Ideas. Good starting material. SFX Kit can be used as is or as elements for other sound design. It gives you a good idea of how sounds can be created.

    Needless to say now I am about 30 projects later on my own company and working in-house somewhere as a lead sound designer.

    Once you have some work in the game industry it's not as hard to get another job. Trying to apply from nothing is bloody hard unless you're amazing, or you have contacts or they're desperate.

    So go for it, you have nothing to lose.

    Good luck!
    Composer / Sound Designer / Audio Engineer

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    Re: Help! To take the job or not to take the job...

    I agree with what everyone says. You have to start somewhere. I'm also a lead sound designer and once you're in, the contacts and relationships you can build are priceless, if you're after the game music contracts anyway.

    Of course, you do have to be good to get those contracts

    Anyway, If you know Sound Forge and are familiar with Waves plug-ins, that's probably the most vital skill to have. Beyond that, being able to get good quality Foley with whatever equipment they have (or you have), having an imagination about sound and the technical ability to produce it, and also being familiar with Xact or, now Act, or Isact are all things that would benefit you greatly.

    This all depends on what they require for this game. I wish you knew something about it.
    Michael Peter

    If music be the food of love...
    play on

    William Shakespeare


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    Lightbulb Re: Help! To take the job or not to take the job...

    Sometimes "nine months" is employer-speak for "probation". Gives them an "out" after nine months. Go and interview. Ask if the possibilities include a longer stay. If they say yes, well, ya got yourself a decision to make standing at the crossroad...
    Doyle W. Donehoo, Composer
    Radar Music

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    Re: Help! To take the job or not to take the job...

    Thanks for all the prompt feedback. This is a great community and I really appreciate being able to have a sounding board from folks actively working in the industry.

    Honestly, the biggest question mark for me is this: the company I work for right now is pre-IPO and I stand to gain a substantial amount of money if we go public. Enough to potentially be financially independent while I get the rest of my game audio career going.

    But, I've always told myself that it was never about the money. So long as I was doing what I loved and making a living I'd be more than happy...

    That said, I'll be calling them back and expressing my interest. I'll let you all know where it goes from there!

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    Re: Help! To take the job or not to take the job...

    Here are some options:

    1. Keep job, get contract, farm out most of the work acting as a sound company, not a sound designer. They're not retaining you, right. (You get a credit, you help employ another person, you keep "stable" job.)

    2. Hook up someone better qualified for the job by referring it to them. (Helps a friend out, you get good karma, friend might even let you do some of the sound work, you keep "stable" job.)

    3. Quit job and don't look back. (It's so much more fun this way)

    I personally choose 3, but only you know your circumstances.
    Chris Rickwood

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    Re: Help! To take the job or not to take the job...

    I would gladly quit my current "day job" in a heartbeat for the kind of opportunity you're being offered. I realize everyone has different interests and needs, but I personally am jealous of your 9 month offer. Best of luck with your choice!
    Todd Kinsley
    Sound Designer


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    Re: Help! To take the job or not to take the job...

    If I got the oportunity to work as a Sund Designer for a REAL gaming company then I would leave my PHP programming day job at once...

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