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Topic: Emperor

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    Just thought I'd make mention of what a wonderful piano library this is. Such a rich, majestic and powerful sound....particularly through my AKG 240's :-)
    The embedded GP pedal down resonance adds to the realism, and with PMI room instance added, the quality of this piano is quite amazing.
    Thanks again Michiel :-)
    Anyone else here finding Emperor as inspiring as I am?


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    Re: Emperor

    I've only used it on Kompakt, not Kontakt, and I'm wondering if that makes a difference, but it hasn't done much for me yet. It sounds very thunky (in a bad way) in the midrange, the dynamics seem weird, and the ambience is too much on the sustain pedal down samples.
    I'm totally reserving judgement until I use it in Kontakt II, however.
    And the Old Lady is doing well for me.

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    Re: Emperor

    Quote Originally Posted by mal7
    Anyone else here finding Emperor as inspiring as I am?
    I do.
    IMO, it is the best PMI piano, and the best sampled bosendorfer.
    Compare to others, it is in my top 3 or 4 anyway ('cause I'm pretty addicted to Steinways)

    Quote Originally Posted by Beethree
    the dynamics seem weird, and the ambience is too much on the sustain pedal down samples.
    Yes, dynamics needs to be adjusted (depending of the keyboard), and, well, ppp is not emperor's cup of tea... it perform better for some punchy pieces !
    Once you move to K2, you can use the convolution based patch, or even better, the Kornel script for PD resonance and get rid of PD sample. I use this script and it's good !

    The only drawback of the Emperor is some slight ambient noises in some PU notes' decay (but I can live with it)

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    Re: Emperor

    For my taste Bosendorfer 290 (East West) is much better. But all of these piano have the same problem: not dynamic enough for pop music. I know that Bosendorfer is not a pop piano, but others (Steinways) don't work either. The best sound comes from the William Coakley series. That's for sure. With an EIII sampler that's the best (and just 16/32MB!!!). Fazzioli rocks!

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    Re: Emperor

    I am a moron for replying to this but....not dynamic enough for pop music?
    'er you just need a brighter piano man the Bosedorf is a dark piano.
    Please tell me where one pop? song with piano is as dynamic as any classical piano piece? Bah Pop piano wtf that Elisia kees(can't spell) is joke for piano, yea through down some broken bass on some chords yea....big deal. I swear just create some basic classical motif add some hip hop style drumming a little bit of pads and a singer and instant success WHAHAHA!
    Dynamic Piano for pop you have to mean cutting through a mix right?
    All I can Say is...HA!...HA!...HAAAAAAA!!!!!

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    Re: Emperor

    Don't be disrespecting Elisia kees now. Did you see her performance of 'I ain't Got You' on this years Grammys. Definately in a league of her own. WOW!

    Just my 2 cents.

    The Art Vista seems a bit more appropriate for Pop Music because it has a more distinct 'dynamic' character.

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    Re: Emperor

    StrangeCat: I think you missunderstood something. No one's spoken about classical pieces. Classical pieces are recorded and sample based. Clear? I speak about the dynamics of the samples. Have you ever used EIII sampler and William Coakley library? I suppose no. I have compared quite a lot libraries, believe me.

    The most "soft" libraries have problems in higher velocities. And with the digital mixing (in softsamplers) they can't fit in mixes well. It's the problem of the dynamics. Just the same problem digital vs analogue mixing. (Btw. classical pieces are mixed on SSL console and not with Cubase. Got it?)

    EMU Samplers are state of art products as well as the sample CD-s for them. Their outputs brings very dynamic tracks. If you ever used them you must know it. But I suppose you're some kind of software guy without any other experience.

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    Re: Emperor

    He must be French. We just never know when to shut up. C.

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    Re: Emperor

    Quote Originally Posted by noenoeil
    He must be French. We just never know when to shut up. C.


    he could be right. Some 32 MB PIANO sample library (loader into hardware samplers)can sound better than big giga tera... pianos sample library.

    And the EW-BOSENDORFER (it's 275 no 290) is a very good sample library .

    And William C. library are great too !

    however, Yamaha C7 and Emperor are great library !



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