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Topic: EWQLSO Gold Release Samples Problem

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    EWQLSO Gold Release Samples Problem

    Hey everyone,

    I have a problem I've not been able to solve and was wondering if anybody had any ideas to try.

    The problem is when I play EWQLSO Gold with my old, (but excellent) Roland MKB-100 MIDI controller, it does not trigger the release samples (tails) in gold.....basically, it just cuts the sound abruptly to silence as soon as I take my fingers off of the keys....it's very unnatural....

    When I play gold with my Fantom X6, all is well and everything behaves like it should.

    Also worth noting is that the MKB-1000 works perfectly with Ivory as well as triggering the Fantom itself....it just has that weird problem with SO Gold.

    Any ideas????

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: EWQLSO Gold Release Samples Problem

    Here's a shot in the dark...does the older controller send an "all notes off" message when you release the keys? If so, and if EWQLSO Gold/Kompakt responds to that message by silencing release trails, you have your answer.

    If this is the case, I'm not sure if there is a solution for the older controller. So, essentially, I'm no help at all.

    Hope this helps (??),

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    Re: EWQLSO Gold Release Samples Problem

    Thanks Eric.

    That sounds like what could be going on...Does anybody know of a way to get Kompakt to ignore the "all notes off" message???

    If Kompakt can't, what about big brother Kontakt?

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    Re: EWQLSO Gold Release Samples Problem

    Another interesting fun fact to throw into the mix:

    My friend is here right now and he has his laptop with Garriton Personal Orchestra. GPO uses the Kontakt player, and it's working fine with the MKB-1000 Controller.


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    Re: EWQLSO Gold Release Samples Problem

    OK, I can't gt it to work going directly to gold.

    A work around I discovered is to run through Digital Performer and choose Gold as it's output. For some reasons this works....

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