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Topic: How full can I make my hard disk?

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    How full can I make my hard disk?

    I have a 240gig sample drive on my Giga PC. I'm installing VSL Pro Edition which is going to fill it pretty much to the brim.

    But I've heard you should try to leave 10% of your drive empty. Is that recommendation just if you plan to read/write from the drive? In other words, in a read-only situation like mine, is it cool to fill her all the way up?

    - Mike Grene

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    Re: How full can I make my hard disk?

    I'd advise getting a 300GB (they're going for <$150) and leaving some space on the drive. If you need to upgrade VSL articulations or create a reason to defrag that 240 you're going to have to erase something to get it done. Cheers, jc

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