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Topic: Cool gadgets dept

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    Cool gadgets dept

    Love it or hate it, have a look at this...


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    Re: Cool gadgets dept

    I'm not really sure I understand. Does it actually have a microphone sensor which allows it to display real-time analysis of sound around it? Kind of a sonic mood ring? That might be kind of cool for about 10 minutes, but not particularly useful for, well, anything at all.

    Or does it just light flashy lights arbitrarily in a way that happens to look kind of like an EQ readout?

    Too bad the english translation is so bad--they seem really excited about this watch, so there's probably something cool about it that I'm missing...


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    Re: Cool gadgets dept

    I wondered if it was the real thing too but sadly it only emulates the function of a frequency analyzer, ah well...

    Still, it might look cool if your wrist is big enough.

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    Re: Cool gadgets dept

    Looking at the face I notice there's no "00" in the minutes, but there's a "60." Does this mean 6:00 will actually display 5:60? Is this a japanese culture thing that I'm not aware of, or is it just bad design?

    Looks like a pretty clunky way of telling time. From what I surmise, it works like this:

    HOUR - The top two rows, 1-12. Top row is AM, bottom is PM.
    MINUTES - Horizontal placement tells you the approximate minute to the nearest 5. Vertical placement "fine tunes" to the actual minute. So 5:37pm would read:

    Hour dot in the 2nd row, 5 places over.
    Minutes dot in the :35 column, 2 places up.

    Just what I've always wanted, to re-learn how to tell time in a slower and less intuitive manner!


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    Re: Cool gadgets dept

    If you think that's bad have a look at these


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    Re: Cool gadgets dept

    This from the land where you can buy your Calvin Klein jeans from a vending machine...

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    Re: Cool gadgets dept

    Quote Originally Posted by tmonaghan
    If you think that's bad have a look at these

    Whoah. We should be importing our narcotics from Japan. They are clearly doing the good stuff.


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    Re: Cool gadgets dept

    When they have a 007 type with a laser beam, grappling hook, fires small darts, starts and drives my car from remote, and makes coffee, then we can talk.

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    Re: Cool gadgets dept

    I got one of those last year but I got fed up carrying the battery around in a suitcase.

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    Re: Cool gadgets dept

    I dunno...

    Maybe Gary and Muse Research could work with these folks and make a GPO, JABB/ wristwatch version of the Receptor hardware module with WiFi MIDI control.

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