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Topic: USB 2.0

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    USB 2.0

    Looks like some motherboards with USB 2.0 support are starting to hit the shelves. Apparently it\'s 40 times the speed of older USB and looks promising for MIDI use.

    Anybody tried it?

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    Re: USB 2.0


    I thought the same thing myself. It would seem like it would help with midi but according to some people it won\'t. It seems that the midi communication isn\'t slowed by the actual bandwidth of USB but by something else. I sincerely hope that they are wrong though and it will help.


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    Re: USB 2.0

    Yah, I hear there are timing issues with USB where events are held and then sent, which can mess with the flow of midi events. Although this might still be an issue with USB 2.0, the speed increase may be able to null the effect. I guess we\'ll need to see it put to the test. I haven\'t found anyone who has actually done it as yet.

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