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Topic: Irregular Structure Error

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    Irregular Structure Error


    Upon updating to 3.12, I was getting an ew.sys error when saving. Someone on the forum suggested converting the .gig files to 3.0. But now I am getting an error message when converting some of the files, saying "irregular structure". See below:

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    Re: Irregular Structure Error

    Maybe it was me.
    What happens if you click OK on the Error message?
    If you are considering converting all your samples to the latest format, I would first let GS reset all in the QuickSet database.
    I run into troubles when I tried to convert all my samples at once. When I did it in chunks, it was OK. This way you could also find out which sample is giving you the Irregular Structure Error?
    But, my Blue was gone after converting...


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    Re: Irregular Structure Error

    If I click ok, it appears to go through with the conversion. I have not checked all the files yet though. The problem with this is that with several thousand .gig files, this takes forever because you can't "hold down" the enter key to make it keep OK'ing.
    Doing the conversion with smaller number of files doesn't make a difference here. Even just one at a time seems to cause the problem...

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    Re: Irregular Structure Error

    Where these gigs by any chance originally converted from another format using Translator?

    GSedit complains with the same message whenever a 'Translator-authored' gig is opened for editing. I'm never sure whether this is because Translator is indeed writing the file header/structure wrongly, whether GS is just being overly picky, or whether it's meant as a 'FYI' type message. Can't recall whether it happended with 2.5 either, but IIRC i don't think so.

    Either way, i agree it's incredibly annoying for you in this circumstance. If you did use Translator or another conversion utility, perhaps the author can shed some light on it for you?

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    Re: Irregular Structure Error

    It is possible some of them were converted from old AKAI CD's, but then again, there were a number of garritan ones that did not convert...VLA Add'l Techniques, Full Strings Lite, and a couple others. It could be that these have nontraditional programming (maestro tools, etc.) but if this is the problem, howcome I'm the first to come across it?
    I'm beginning to suspect that somewhere along the line some of the samples got corrupted. I will try copying direct from garritan dvd again and convert.

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    Re: Irregular Structure Error

    I am getting the same error, 10 months on ... this is the only thread that came up when seach:

    This file has an irregular structure. One possible explanation is that it was written by an application other than the GigaStudio editor. A full save will be required if you modify the file.

    1. Is it possible to disable this error? ... a great many of my 2.5 samples were coverted from Akai. I don't have time to click OK 3000 times.

    2. Is it neccessary to convert from 2.5 to 3.0? The samples work fine as is ...


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