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Topic: RMX - Favorites Already FULL!!! Why?

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    RMX - Favorites Already FULL!!! Why?

    What's up with RMX. I was going through the Liquid Grooves Xpander and saving my favorite loops, when all of a sudden the SAVE button reads FULL.

    I counted the number of faves, and it looks to be only 47 of them, does RMX have a limitation or is something not working correctly? I assumed I'd be able to keep all my fave loops, but that's not the case so far, any answers here?

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    Re: RMX - Favorites Already FULL!!! Why?


    RMX has a limit of 48 grooves per Favorite Suite.

    You can save that Suite of Favorites with a custom name using the "Favorites Utility" Menu. Once you do this, the Favorites Suite will automatically reset, and you can start saving more grooves in the Favorites Suite. (You don't have to fill it up to save it. You can save it with less than 48)


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    Re: RMX - Favorites Already FULL!!! Why?

    You can organize the favorites folders into projects, or feels, or whatever floats your boat, just like any folder. The same loop may be in more than one 'Favorite' file, and you only call in the folder you need (for this track), then go to the next track and open another set of favorites if you like. A limit of 48 is really not a problem, how often do you need 49 grooves in one song?

    What you can't do, from within RMX, is move grooves from one folder to another. But you can do this from the OS. Just don't rename the groove, or RMX won't find it.
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    Re: RMX - Favorites Already FULL!!! Why?

    As for "why 48?", remember that any suite can be played as a groove menu, with all the grooves laid out across your keyboard. Limiting it to 48 ensures that the groove menu will comfortably fit on most keyboards.

    - Glenn

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