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Topic: Native Instrument Activation Process.

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    Native Instrument Activation Process.

    Hi guys,

    I own the Garritan Personal Ocrhestra, which has been activated on NI's website (2 activations).

    I am about to wipe my PC clean and install an additional PCI-4xUSB port on one of the slots before reinstalling everything again. I will also be downgrading from WinXP Pro to WinXP Home (I need the WinXP Pro license on another machine).

    Do I need to Deactivate the Garritan Orchestra activation on this PC or can I just write down the activation code and key them in once I have reinstalled everything?

    I thought this may be the most appropriate forum to ask.

    Many thanks!


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    Re: Native Instrument Activation Process.

    I would try to use the activation code again since your hardware isn't changing that much. It may work. If not, you would then deactivate the old machine at NI's website and be able to activate the new install. If you deactivate first and then the machine ID stays the same, even after the re-install you'll have problems because you can't reactivate that machine once its deactivated - or so says the NI website.


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