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Topic: Logic or Digital Performer, which one?

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    Logic or Digital Performer, which one?

    Alright, I'm making a switch to Mac, and I need to change my sequencing platform. I'm going to be mainly focusing on film scoring, but there will also be some album production as well. I was hoping to find out what people liked or didn't like about both Logic and DP. Like I said, film scoring is going to be the main focus, so I'm concerned about that area most.

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    Re: Logic or Digital Performer, which one?

    They're both great.
    But...Logic probably has the edge with regards to its bundled instruments.
    Great EP, B3, lots of synths, and a widely supported sampler.
    I use it for film scoring and record work. It's also probably stronger in the notation dept, if that matters to you.

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    Re: Logic or Digital Performer, which one?


    Get ready for a thread of fiery opinions which at the end will leave you scratching your head and feeling like you're back to square one! Everyone who posts will be biased towards what they use, and everyone will think the other product sucks and their is the best.

    I'll start:

    Logic 7


    Great if you use lots of VI

    EXS24 is incredibly stable and as powerful as Giga (IMHO)

    Tons of Plugins right off the bat, amazing virtual synths, drum machines, effects, you name it.

    The fact that Apple makes it means that they will always have a leg up on stability on the competition. Logic will always be ready and compliant with new OS before the competition. Considering that new Intel Macs are coming and a new OS X will be necessary, this could be a big one!

    Incredibly customizable, pretty much each and every keyboard shortcut can be configured by the user.

    Clean no frills interface.

    Fully compatible with Apple Loops and Garage Band...don't underestimate Apple loops and GB instruments, they are great.

    Interfaces well with Final Cut.

    Great Score printing functionality.

    Includes Waveburner which is an incredibly good CD burning application.


    No frills interface.

    Learning curve a bit slow for some people.

    USB dongle.

    Apple is a bit slow to release updates for it.

    No Multi MIDI Channel support for VI's such as Kontakt based instruments or Stylus (don't worry though, using multiple instances each with its own channel is just as efficient).

    Some people complain about doing Audio edits in Logic (not me).
    Music Composition for Feature Films, Television and Interactive Entertainment

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    Re: Logic or Digital Performer, which one?

    Great summary Kays but that last bit is incorrect.
    I use Kompakt, RMX etc as multis all the time....
    or am I misunderstanding you??

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    Re: Logic or Digital Performer, which one?

    Hi Kays,

    Quote Originally Posted by midphase
    No Multi MIDI Channel support for VI's such as Kontakt based instruments or Stylus (don't worry though, using multiple instances each with its own channel is just as efficient).
    Unless I misunderstand you here, that is not quite true. In order to use 16 separate MIDI channels on a virtual instrument in Logic, you do not need to revert to multiple instances. There a few different ways that you can achieve this in Logic.

    1) In the parameters for the selected VI track, switch the MIDI channel to ALL instead of an individual channel.

    2) Make copies of the individual audio instrument object that Kontkat (or RMX or WHY) is loaded up on, and set each copy's MIDI channel to a different one from the other copies.

    Each has its advantages and disadvantages. But, again, unless I have misunderstood you, this is not something that would be listed as a con against Logic for the reason you mentioned.


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    Re: Logic or Digital Performer, which one?

    I've used both and in my experience they each are very capable music production tools. Its just a matter at which one works the best for you. I dont know if you have that mac yet, but download the demos and see which one "feels" better to you. Personally, I prefer Logic to DP, as to me it just "feels better."

    You should look at forums such as osxaudio.com as it has been discussed at nauseam there. Do a search in their forums and a wealth of knowledge will come up.

    Also, I believe Apple lets you try Logic Express for 30 days. This is "Logic lite" but it will give you a good idea of the work flow. I dont know if DP offers a free trial of their software or not (couldn't find a link on their webpage).

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Logic or Digital Performer, which one?

    And for the other side with DP....

    The cost of Logic 7 Pro (or whatever the top version is) plus its bundled instruments is pretty much the same as Digital Performer + Mach5 + MX4 a la carte. DP is A LOT cheaper on its own. I really don't see the VIs thing as an issue. And for many, the ability to purchase only what one needs or wants I think is an asset in DP's favor. Mach5 will run any sample library including gigastudio samples, Kontact, etc...

    Many great plugs in performer...more being added.

    DP works well with UAD-1 plugin cards and TC Electronic Powercore cards for ever more plugin power. They are almost all I use any more.

    Not sure I agree on the fact since Logic is an Apple owned product that they will always be the first to be compatible with Apple's software before the competition. It would make sense if that were so...but they have shown that to not be the case entirely. A good example of this is Logic was slow to adopt to Apple's own Audio Unit standard. Many VIs had to have additional upgrades to make them compatible with Logic 7, partially because Logic 7 initially did not conform to the AU spec as written. But every software company has its hangups. We'll have to see how the Intel chip change goes. But...motu is committed to DP on MAC and they hafvfe plenty of time to export their code as binaries.

    DP has been invaluable to me in writing to picture...its midi capability is second to none in my opinion. Its tempo tools to find various tempos to synch to given hit points in a picture work well.

    The new version 4.6 is simply amazing with automatic delay compensation for pretty much everything (plugins and VIs) across all channels and busses.

    DPs interface is very easy on the eye, can be customized to look however you want it to look with the new consolodated window.

    DP is good at controlling Pro Tools hardware.

    No dongle for DP. The Mach 5 VI has one if you get that...but DP does not and can be installed and run on your desktop and laptop, etc...

    Every keystoke is also customizeable.

    Apple Loops as well.

    Rex files...

    Audio edits function very similar to pro tools in style.

    beat detective is awesome.

    The new autotune/pitch/tempo manipulation function basicially makes programs like Melodyne and Auto Tune obsolete. This is free and built into DP.

    Can import and export OMF files to and from Pro Tools sessions (if the pro tools people have the OMF exchange program extra installed).

    It will all come down to personal preference. See if you can go into a store somewhere and play around with them before you buy.
    Brian W. Ralston

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    Re: Logic or Digital Performer, which one?

    BTW, sweetwater is offering $500 off of Logic if you purchase your mac through them. Just a heads up

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    Re: Logic or Digital Performer, which one?

    Awsome, thanks for the info guys. I've been using a two pc set up with the other pc as a soft synth/sampler, so I've been running all the native instruments stuff etc. off of that one and I'm hoping I can still do it when the mac gets here. I think I'm leaning twords logic at this point but I have two more questions for the logic users. Are any of you using the UAD plugs and have you had any problems with them in Logic, and I know DP can send a video to another screen via firewire, can Logic do that as well. I tried finding that out on the apple site but got nowhere. One other thing, since it has a usb dongle, is it even possible to have it running on two computers? I know down the line I'm going to get a powerbook as well, and I'll need to compose out of the studio. Will I have to buy a second copy to do this?

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    Re: Logic or Digital Performer, which one?

    Why don't you keep the PCs and continue to use them as a soft sampler? Regardless of the program you use...any processing you can off load to another computer (i.e. Gigastudio PCs....or Native Instrument dedicated PCs)...will make your experience with Logic or Performer on the MAC much smoother. Because, even with a Dual 2.8GHz G5...there will be limites to how many plugs and VIs you use along with the sequencer. Your internal hard drives will only take so much simultaneous streaming of samples, recording audio...etc... And this will also be dependant on how much RAM you can afford to put in the MAC.

    The more CPU power you have, even by spreading it across multiple platforms, the better in my opinion.
    Brian W. Ralston

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