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Topic: Any solid reverbs?

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    Any solid reverbs?

    Are there any reverb processors or plug-ins that rival Altiverb but you can use on a PC? I own a kurzweil K2500XS, including the KDFX, and I\'m just not satisfied with the reverbs for orchestral scores and such. Is there anything that is just as good or BETTER than Altiverb? Danke.

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    Re: Any solid reverbs?

    Sound Forge has Acoustic Mirror and Samplitude has a Room Simulator that seem to work generally on the same principle as Altiverb. I don\'t know of any standalones or plug-ins that do this, though I would guess this will change soon.

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    Re: Any solid reverbs?


    I had the same question. Perry S referred me to a good NS thread on reverb alternatives.

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    Re: Any solid reverbs?

    I just picked up a Roland VM-3100 PRO. I have had to rearrange my studio to integrate it and a new computer that goes with it in order to make multitrack recordings. The reverb built into the 3100PRO is quite good. I send signals into the 3100Pro by SPDIF from the Gina card in the GigaStudio computer -- so all the signals remain in the digital domain.

    The reverb is less colored than Acoustic Mirror. The tails and space seem better than Waves or Arboritum. I have many more hours to go before I will draw any more definitive conclusions. Any one else use the VM series digtal mixers??


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    Re: Any solid reverbs?


    I believe the VM\'s have the same FX board as the VS 1680 and higher Studios. I really like the Reverbs in these units. I\'ve been using them for years. They are quite good, but after so many years of use I\'ve come to find some flaws. They are easily distorted. They tend to cause some overbearing resonance issues with certain samples and EQ.

    Still I use them alot, mostly for roughs, but MANY times in the final mix, because as you say they dont color a sound as much as others, So when I need to convert a rough very quickly to final......swithcing reverbs isn\'t always the best thing

    I still talk to many people who use these as a \"go to\" when others fail.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Any solid reverbs?

    Ive never been a fan of cakewalk reverbs ,but the new studio verb thats comes with sonar XL is very nice and has very little CPU drain.
    Ive never heard the altverb, so I cant compare it to that, the reverbs that I have used like renaissance reverb, It compares very well.

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    Re: Any solid reverbs?

    In your professional opinion:

    How does something like Waves Rennisance or TrueVerb compare to a lower end (lexicon mpx100) outboard verb? I have TrueVerb and I like it, but it just seems to be missing something.

    Also, about Acoustic Mirror. I\'ve toyed with it for quite awhile and have not been able to get good results. Is is something I\'m doing? Could someone point me to an example of something done with AM?

    Any help/opinions appreciated


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