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Topic: PC Support FAQ Database

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    PC Support FAQ Database

    I posted this in the support section as well as here 'cos I'd like everybody to have a look and give me any feedback or contributions.

    As part of my offer to provide PC support to GPO users I have created a Frequently Asked Questions database relating to PC issues. I have also included the GPO support FAQ.

    You can add your own entries to the database and it is also multi-language capable if required.

    I would also like to scavenge the forum for previous questions and answers to support questions for inclusion in the knowledge base. Does anyone have any objections?

    This is a work in progress and hopefully will grow to be a useful resource for GPO users. I particularly welcome input from all you MAC users out there 'cos I know zip about them.

    You can find it here


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    Re: PC Support FAQ Database

    Nice work Tony. I can see this being useful. Keep it up. (I have no suggestions, however.)

    For more information, check out www.jonathoncox.com/intro.html

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    Re: PC Support FAQ Database


    This is absolutely fantastic!
    What an invaluable resource for GPO users. It's efforts like this that makes it all the more worthwhile to do what I do.

    Any objections? Gosh no! Please seach the forum for previous questions and answers for inclusion in the knowledge base. Tom and Jeff can also help as well.

    I urge GPO and soon to be JABB and Stad Users) to contribute to Tony's

    Thanks so much Tony for doing this! If there is anything I can do to support this please let me know.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: PC Support FAQ Database


    Thanks for the kind words! I'll start searching through the forum shortly. Users can of course submit questions (as support requests), and anyone can leave an answer and this only gets into the main section after the approval process.

    To short cut this process I can create moderator accounts for anyone interested in having full access to the site. This enables the moderator to create / edit new categories, and add their own input directly. If anyone would like to be a moderator just let me know and I will create the account - even if you think you will only use it occassionaly.

    It is of course PC oriented at the moment since that is where my knowledge is strongest but I don't want the Mac users to be left out so if anyone would like to contribute there please do.

    The obvious point is simple - the more it gets used the more useful it will be as a resource and as always, any suggestions are most welcome.

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    Re: PC Support FAQ Database

    Quote Originally Posted by Garritan
    If there is anything I can do to support this please let me know.

    Perhaps a link from the main site would make it more prominent.


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    Re: PC Support FAQ Database

    Excellent work TM - first class website.

    So there is life north of Hadrian's wall then?!

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    Re: PC Support FAQ Database

    Thanks LOW!

    Life north of the border? Only on Saturdays at Parkhead...

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    Re: PC Support FAQ Database

    Well, the database has been up for a month and has accumulated over 8500 hits and is generating a steady stream of questions, a few posted on the FAQ and the rest emailed to me as well as a phone call or two.

    It is becoming apparent that the FAQ Ask Question feature is not really suitable for detailed support queries so I have decided to keep alive the support forum I set up as a test. It some ways it overlaps the Support & Technical section of this forum but I don't want to just 'palm' people off there.

    I had envisioned providing support for PC based issues but I am getting questions relating to Overture, Finale 2006 and general GPO usage that are outside the bounds of the what I can answer (I don't use Overture or Finale 2006 for instance).

    Could I ask all you wonderfully knowledgable and helpful people to perhaps look in at the forum from time to time and perhaps share your wisdom?


    Thanks in advance!

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