Un Pepy la Fils was written after I did some work for American Ballet Theater. I had visions of the dancers as I wrote it. I have not mentioned this before to anyone, no reason, just never thought to mention it. Any dancers reading this? The last dancers that I spoke with were Katherine Dunham, and a chorus girl, both more than 50 years ago. How would a dancer feel about dancing to this? I have been considering orchestrating this for small orchestra, which would be quite an undertaking for me. But, I really need to know how a dancer or choreographer would feel about this.

The updated mp3 was added today, 19 September 05.

Un Pepy la Fils (Score)

Un Pepy la Fils (mp3)

Done with GPO, Sonar and Fatar keyboard. Latency, 5 ms!!

I posted a link to this previously, I think. But at the time, I did not think to ask about dancing to it.Now I can't find the link.