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Topic: doubt about tempo and metronome

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    Question doubt about tempo and metronome

    hello all!!!, i have a big problem and i cant find a solution...

    when i use gpo to creat a audio file from my songs, it always starts correct with the metronome, but as the songs goes on, it always starts to delay from the metronome , and ends up really diferent from the metronome...

    i wonder if thats a problem with my computer, or i´m I doing something wrong in this process??

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    Re: doubt about tempo and metronome

    Could you be more specific about the platform, software and setup you are using?

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    Re: doubt about tempo and metronome

    my audioboard is audigy 2 platinum, i have 768 RAM, and i´m using GPO with sibelius, and i did not changed any of the defaut settings from gpo, just a few from sibelius, but nothing that could be causing this problems...

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