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Topic: recording/playback problem

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    recording/playback problem

    I have just reinstalled XP on my pc and installed gigastudio 3.12.

    When I now use capture in Giga and then try to playback the WAV recording in Windows media player a get the message:-

    "the audio codec identified by the format tag 1 is required to play this file."

    Previously with 3.1 I had had always been able to play captured WAV files from Giga.

    Can any one please help me to resolve this problem which has appeared in my new installation. Is it related to 3.12 or is it because of a faulty windows XP installation.


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    Re: recording/playback problem

    I did experience the same. I do not believe it has anything to do with GS, because Nero played it back no problem. Try it a few times to open the wav file specifying All or Any type of files. It works for me now, without making any (known) changes.


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    Re: recording/playback problem

    Hi Ted

    Thanks for the reply. However I have tried your suggestion and it is still the same. Tried with Sonar and seems as if there is no analogue signal present as I cannot see one on the audio track and nothing plays!!

    I don't think I have to set anything up in GigaStudio to record or do I!

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    Re: recording/playback problem

    No, and it sounds like you have been capturing before, used to the procedure.
    When you tell GS before starting the capture where do you want your file,and look at the file after the capture is the file appears the right size, and have the .wav there? What do you get if you check Properties of this file?

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    Re: recording/playback problem

    Hi Ted

    The file size is approx 10 Meg. which is what I would expect for my short test When I check properties the file is shown as a WAV sound file. In fact the file is initially accepted by windows media player and then it says it is contacting the codec server before failing.

    Yes, I have been recording without difficulties on version 3.1 for some time.

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    Re: recording/playback problem

    Did you try importing the wav file into sonar? File - Import - Audio. Sonar might give you more information about what is there. Even before importing, if you select the file name in the import audio selection box, you'll see the details about the file at the bottom of that box. (Sonar 3, anyway).

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    Re: recording/playback problem

    Yes I have tried with Sonar 4 Home Studio. The file
    is imported without any problem and as I am importing, the WAV file details are confirmed. However when I try to play there is no sound, and looking at the track graphic there does not seems to be any analogue signal!

    I have contacted Tascam but as yet they have not responded.

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    Unhappy Re: recording/playback problem

    I have just upgraded to Giga Studio Orchestra v 3.2 and I still cannot playback my recording due to the same error message:-

    "The audio codec identified by the format tag 1 is required to play this file."

    Tascam tells me to reinstall the software which I have but with no success.

    Has anybody else had this problem or am I the only one in this Universe who cannot playback a GigaStudio recorded wav file!?

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    Re: recording/playback problem

    Here I come again, just as I was reading an other thread, Jan Fairhurst giving his good advise to someone, it occured to me that you could check one thing with your problem. Are you running at 24 bits or 16 bits when you are capturing in GS?
    If you are running 24, change to 16 on GS, on your soundcard too, and try your playback.

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    Smile Re: recording/playback problem

    Hi Ted

    Many thanks for your suggestion, at last I can record again: I'm now like a kid with a new toy!

    I changed the bounce to disk bit depth from 24 to 16 and I can now play back the wav file. Interestingly I couldn't change the bit depth in my hardware adapter (system settings) as it is fixed on 32 i.e no option to change to anything else!

    As you will probably guess I am not a GigaStudio expert, only use it to drive my organ (keyboards and pedal board), but the pipeorgan sounds are the best, quite amazing.

    Don't want to sound ungrateful but will I be missing anything not being able to record in 24 bits.

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