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Topic: Gigastudio Possible on Notebook PC?

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    Gigastudio Possible on Notebook PC?

    With laptops becoming more powerful: 1+ Ghz processors, faster hardrives, Firewire hard drive links, etc... is it conceivable to run a modestly playable version of GS in notebook PC?

    I want to do mostly midi based sequencing using Sonar, for light orchestral work.

    If that\'s stretching the envelope too far, can a dual PC setup work... with the sequencer/fxstuff residiong on a notebook, and GS and Samples on dedicated desktop?

    Your feedback welcome.


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    Re: Gigastudio Possible on Notebook PC?


    If you want to use GS on the notebook, you have two options, depending on how much you\'re wanting to do. If you want decent playback, and don\'t want to pick up a GSIF interface (ntoebook compatible ones can be pricey, you\'re looking at either Firewire, USB, or PCMCIA), you need to get one running 98SE (I won\'t even recommend ME, for personal reasons) that has an internal soundcard running VXD\'s. The same system would work for Sonar or whatever sequencer you\'re using as long as it has a joystick port.

    If you\'re looking at running 2000 or XP (which new systems almost all come with), GS will need a seperate GSIF interface, which will also add to the cost. Some Sony Vaio computers have room for 2 hard drives, which would work well for GS, it\'d just be a pain to copy Gig\'s from the CD to the main drive, and then take out the CD drive, put in the 2nd drive, copy them over...

    Hopefully that put things in perspective. Right now I\'ve got GS/Sonar on two desktop computers... I definitely prefer the more powerful one, the other one I have to *work* with.

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    Re: Gigastudio Possible on Notebook PC?

    I\'m running Giga on a Toshiba Tecra 8200, PIII 850 with some sequencing and get an average of 140-160 note poly. This is with no NFX, but its damned nice

    Its only using the internal Yamaha sound chip and internal hard drive. Really nice, but a pain in the *** since I am already using 9 gigs of HD space with gig files

    Really...I am an Idiot

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