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Topic: IRQ conflicts/sharing. how to solve them

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    IRQ conflicts/sharing. how to solve them

    My video card, audio card and network card all use irq 7. How can I solve the problem? I would like to move each one on a free irq like 3,5,9.

    My system specifications:
    MOTHERBOARD: abit vh6-t
    CPU: p3 866mhz
    RAM: 1152Mb
    Hard drives: 2 60gxp IBM
    Op. system: windows 2000 pro

    I just installed latest bios version.

    tried to enable \"plug and play bios\": nothing changed, win2k does not let me change IRQs.

    tried to tell which IRQ to use for each slot: nothing changed, win2k always reports those three pci boards to use IRQ7.

    how to solve this problem? is ACPI responsible? or is latest VIA 4in1 drivers responsible? thanks for help.

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    Re: IRQ conflicts/sharing. how to solve them

    Sorry I forget the steps, but in the bios you should be able to force the irq\'s of certain PCI slots.. It\'s there somewhere..

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    Re: IRQ conflicts/sharing. how to solve them

    thanks scarbee,

    I found that the problem is caused by ACPI. (an automatic way to set up IRQs).

    I have to disable it via BIOS but mine has not such a function.

    I found how to disable it in Windows 2000, but it implies system reinstallation:

    To disable ACPI:

    After the text-mode phase of W2K setup completes, but before W2K reboots into the Setup Wizard:

    * Go to command mode and change the file attributes of c:\\txtsetup.sif:
    attrib -r -s -h c:\\txtsetup.sif
    * Open txtsetup.sif using edit.
    * Find ACPIEnable and set to

    ACPIEnable=0 means disable; ACPIEnable=1 means enable
    * Save c:\\txtsetup.sif and reboot. This will startup the Setup Wizard.

    In fact, everyone building his DAW should take care not to place PCI cards in sharing slots but ACPI forces IRQ addresses anyway.

    For example: I avoided putting my audio card in slot 1 because my motherboard is known to share slot 1 IRQ with graphic IRQ.

    ACPI management, however, still makes my audio card share its IRQ with the video card also if BIOS is perfectly set to NOT LET Windows to manage it.

    This is not a problem on Win9x because it does not have ACPI. Win9X may have IRQ steering that gives problems but not ACPI. (IRQ steering is not a big problem however)

    Windows 2000 and XP have this ACPI that is used to let a lot of periphereals find their way into the motherboard.

    the problem is: I don\'t need it because I have plenty of free IRQs, why putting EVERYTHING into one?

    I could say something bad now, better shut up

    HOW TO DISABLE ACPI: http://www.tweakersasylum.com/Guides/ACPI/ACPITweak/00000004.htm http://is-it-true.org/nt/nt2000/atips/atips58.shtml

    thanks for the help I really hope this topic to be useful, for it seems quite a popular problem.

    about some useful software:

    ACPI CHECK: http://users.forthnet.gr/ath/msteven/Files/Usefull/ACPIHCTv161.exe

    ACPI VIEW: http://users.forthnet.gr/ath/msteven/Files/Usefull/acpiview.exe

    (I think it\'s mandatory to give credits to the page providing these links: http://users.forthnet.gr/ath/msteven/I_programs.htm, thanks)

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