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Topic: Cubase Effects Sends

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    Cubase Effects Sends

    As I posted earlier today, I'm finally getting GPO to cook, since I broke down and started using Cubase instead of my old Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 sequencer which can't deal with VST plug-ins.

    BUT, two things:

    --As per some posts I found here on the Forum, I've discovered that Cubase LE is definitely better to work with than the Cubase VST program that ships with GPO--Because it gives you 8 VST instrument plug-instead of the 4 you get in Cubase VST. That makes bypassing the squirrely GPO Studio program a no pain thing, since the same number of Kontact instances are available.

    --All the tutorials and Forum posts that I've been able to find still don't explain Cubase's system of using Effects:

    I have the excellent GPO Ambience plugged in, but cannot figure out how to set it up so I can send different amounts from different audio channels.

    If I have it as a Master effect, I am so far stuck with one setting for the whole orchestra--not acceptable.

    If I have it as a channel insert--I can't get it to effect the audio.

    Cakewalk 9, as anitquated as it is, at least had a straight forward way of mixing audio and MIDI together. You open up the virtual mixer and there you have recognizable effect sends and returns. Everything is so intuitive in that program, emulating "old fashioned" hardware studio set ups as it does.

    But with Cubase there are all these modules to open and deal with--and so far at least, I can't find anything resembling a full project mixer.

    WHERE in the heck do you send signals to a reverb in varying amounts?

    I see you can add a track for effects automation, and I can get it to record, or "write" automation that I produce while moving the sliders in the ambience plug-in itself---but I can't get that automation to make an effect on the audio track itself.

    Clear as mud? SO hard to clearly explain technical problems.

    Obvioiusly I'm missing some crucial info here, and search as I have through the Cubase manual--I'm finding no help. It seems to keep asuming steps that I've skipped because I don't know about them.



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    Re: Cubase Effects Sends--"never mind"

    In famous Gilda Radner voice, let me say, "Never mind."

    re: Cubase Effects Sends in Cubase LE---I got it as soon as I went back to the computer. Well, using an effect on the master still isn't clear to me--getting different tracks to receive a different amount of effect, but I'll probably get that soon too.

    What I have now is an effect strapped to my wav track of the woodwinds, with the effect level changing throughout the track as per recording the automation. Good, More than fine for now.

    It's all these floating modules that you turn on and off that get me buggy in Cubase. I'd prefer a good old fashioned straight ahead layout like my Cakewalk with everything you need on one screen--but there ya go. Cubase is what I gotta use now since GPO works so seamlessly with it.

    ----I'm talking to myself---PRoof that I've been chained to the computer for too long these last few weeks!


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