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Topic: "The Strength of Alita's Will"

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    "The Strength of Alita's Will"

    Hi all,

    I was inspired by a comic serie called Battle Angel Alita. In one of the latest volumes, she is fighting a losing battle. When she is at the brink of defeat, she realizes: "I have let my past control me, chain me, limit me. Now I have to pay the price... I have to die." With that thought, she she launches one last massive attack which incapacitates her opponent, but she loses consciousness in the process. It's a lot better explained in the comic, but anyway. This, along with very detailed drawings of the battle itself, made me write this song.
    Please tell me what you think of it


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    Re: "The Strength of Alita's Will"

    cool Plug!


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    Thumbs up Re: "The Strength of Alita's Will"

    If the comic had been an Anime, the author had been proud of a soundtrack like this for the scene of the revenge! Well done.

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    Re: "The Strength of Alita's Will"

    Thanks for the replies^^.

    I'm also planning on using this song for a shortfilm. It's gonna be a 1 minute long animation, where two people are fighting on a high place, like a mountain or something. Animating in 3d -like making music- takes time, but is very rewarding!

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    Re: "The Strength of Alita's Will"

    It wont let me play the link, comes up as broken link!!

    anyone else having this problem??? really want to listen to this piece

    Regards Chris

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