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Topic: 19" PC Case dealer/manufacturer near Holland

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    19\" PC Case dealer/manufacturer near Holland

    Hi all,

    I have done some searching on the web tonight, but can\'t find any sites on this:

    I am looking for a dealer or manufacturer who sells PC 19\" rack cases, to be used as basis for a studio PC. So, soundproofness is also an issue. I built my PC\'s myself and will probably also use some stuff from http://www.quitpc.com.

    I want to try one 19\" case and if ok buy another one or two.

    I live in The Netherlands, so I guess that restricts my query to Europe.


    peter e. roos
    personal site www.xs4all.nl/~deltaw
    company site www.deltaworks.com

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    Re: 19\" PC Case dealer/manufacturer near Holland

    hi Peter
    I\'ve been thinking of making a Gigastation
    too in a not so distant future and has also
    been searching for 19\" rack\'s and your
    right - its not easy to find, but try
    (spanish, I think )
    ( german, obviously )


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    Re: 19\" PC Case dealer/manufacturer near Holland

    Hey, thanks!
    Gives me some more confidence to find something usable.
    I have them bookmarked. If I have any news on this, I\'ll post it here.


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    Re: 19\" PC Case dealer/manufacturer near Holland

    Looking forward to hearing about your results.
    I\'m very much into noise control, and
    racks and low noise dont seem to go
    hand in hand - most manufactors of
    rackhousings are making them for industrial
    environments and don\'t give noise much
    attention in design.
    But maybe its possible to combine the rack
    housings with some of the stuff you get
    at http://www.noisecontrol.de/


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    Re: 19\" PC Case dealer/manufacturer near Holland

    thanks again,
    I am now just collecting urls and articles.

    My objective is to start with just one additional audio/Gst PC this spring, but if I like it, I will rebuild my current PC and add another next year. The cases and noise-reduction solutions should last for at least 3-5 years (I first need to check if ATX standards will last that long). So, I want to get three identical cases at once.

    Here are a few other links I found on this topic: http://home.swipnet.se/tr/silence.html http://www.acoustics101.com/ http://www.quietpc.com/



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    Re: 19\" PC Case dealer/manufacturer near Holland


    Being form Holland..have a look at the ultimate quiet PC: water cooled, no fans! www.koolance.com
    they haveboth a 19\' rack version AND a Dutch reseller: http://www.oc-shop.nl/

    best fo luck
    oh and keep us informed...

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    Re: 19\" PC Case dealer/manufacturer near Holland

    Cool! Thanks

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