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Topic: GPO Woe Be GONE! (a happy report)

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    GPO Woe Be GONE! (a happy report)

    For the Forum readers who have read some of my almost panicy posts re: frustrations to get GPO working with my set-up---I know that the issues I've been through are murky and really impossible to unravel.

    BUT I had to take a short break from my happy studio session today to report:

    --I studied the Forum archives, I looked through more tutorials.

    --I bit the bullet and faced down Cubase.

    --I now have 24 instruments loaded and playing well with NO CLICKS AND POPS--will be happy if that's the limit with my 512 ram, but will see how much farther I can go.

    --I now understand how to render the GPO audio tracks without the funky set up I was trying of having my outboard Tascam card plugged into itself to record instruments in real time.

    In other words, I'm on my way to finally hearing GPO play my already thoroughly tweaked MIDI files that were generated in the "ancient" Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.

    As folks said here in some replies, trying to use CW9 WAS the problem. Not being able to properly use GPO as a VST plug-in just doesn't cut it. Funneling the sounds through GPO Studio and then into the outmoded CW9 environment just didn't work.

    Lots of work still to do, reconstructing the instrument layouts I had in Studio but which I can't use now; rendering sections of the orchestra into wav files for different levels of effects sends etc. But now I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    And I had to come on here and post something more positive for a change--You all encouraged me, had good tips, and now I'm a Much happier GPO camper.


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    Re: GPO Woe Be GONE! (a happy report)

    Congratulations! Getting GPO can be tricky the first time(s) you set it up - but once you have the skies open and all is well.

    Hope this is the beginning of a great adventure for you.

    R. Pearl

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    Re: GPO Woe Be GONE! (a happy report)

    that's great to hear rbowser!


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    Smile Re: GPO Woe Be GONE! (a happy report)

    AWESOME! Glad to hear it! Now, lets hear some of those tunes-


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    Re: GPO Woe Be GONE! (a happy report)

    congratulations rbowser!

    really, Cubase shouldn't be that difficult if you know Cakewalk 9 well. At some point you had to make the switch to a VST-capable sequencer, it might as well be now. you were talking about selling GPO on ebay-- this makes much more sense.

    I got my whole digital music setup 3 months ago-- it took me 2 months to get going, but I am now at the point where, when I sit down, I am making music! It feels good, and I should have my first project completed very soon.

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