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Topic: LINUX 1st impressions

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    After getting sick and tired of dealing with spyware, adware, antivirus and firewalls on my XP audio workstations I decided to build a Linux box to offline all of my business needs.

    After researching some of the basics of Linux, It was time to choose a distribution. It was down to either
    Linspire, Xandros or Mandrake. All 3 sounded like good options . I choose Xandros. it has a lot of biz apps and allows to to network to a windows network. There are many other distros many sounded pretty good too.

    Using some old parts and a p4 2.4 800 bus with a ESC mobo. I installed Xandros business deluxe 3.0. ( retail boxed version at $89)

    The installation was basically painless and took about 20-25 minutes.
    The installed disk loaded about 30 apps for ONE installer in a few minutes then uploaded to a server to update the apps and OS from ONE site!! All in About 5 minutes!!!

    I did have some issues with getting my DSl POP email up and running right at first but that was more of knowing what the right options are during configuration.

    i was amazed that Linux was able to see my old graphic card( like 4 years old-barely runs on windows 2000 won’t on XP) .
    I had a few issues with their update server on a few apps at first but nothing tragic.
    I am impressed with the quality and wealth of applications and the speedy FREE tech support on the few issues I did have.
    What’ s cool is the display and behavior settings you can make it like a Mac , Windows, UNIX, Sun etc.

    Its version of the control panel makes much more sense the windows control panel. For example everything is categorized by subject and from one window you can find out everything about a device. IRQ ram memory allocation, documentation, everything. The documentation is easy to understand and covers every part of the OS.
    The box runs smooth with no hiccups. it does come with a software firewall and antivirus program. i also bought a hrdward firewall. since it will be networked to my windows DAW's

    Moving to Linux on a custom box was much easier then I thought.

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    Re: LINUX 1st impressions

    WHAT ! no one cares about linux? not political enough??

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    Re: LINUX 1st impressions

    I work for a Sun reseller and have media for their Jave Desktop System. I haven't insdtalled it because the idea of choosing an OS would only confuse my family. I definitely hear you regarding spyware and all that. I'm glad to hear your experience was pleasant, it's scary being on the leading edge. AND don't kid yourself you're on the leading edge. There are lots of folks that find the idea of living outside the M$ umbrella too scary to contemplate. I know I'm trying to sell Sun every day.


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    I "switched" to Mandriva Linux 10 a few months ago and I'm loving it. Another vote for open-source OSes here.
    Alan Lastufka | www.BelaDMedia.com
    Producer/Artistic Design | Content Producer

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    Re: LINUX 1st impressions

    Apart from the lack of spyware and viruses, Alan, what are benefits?

    Can you run Windows V.I.s the way Receptor does?

    I B curious.

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    Re: LINUX 1st impressions

    I'm told that if, yes you set up a dual boot system, install your Window VIs (Kontakt, Mach Five, HAL, etc) on your Windows installation and register them. Then log out and boot Linux that the JACK audio system can run the VIs form the Windows partition. But I have not tested it (but found tons of info so I'm sure it works fine).

    I use Rosegarden for audio needs when booted to Linux - but or serious work I disconnect my LAN and boot to XP with Cubase and SAW Studio waiting for me.

    The other pluses? Well, the software is all open-source (read: FREE) and the program are just as good, if not better for most of what I need to do. GIMP is awesome at everything Photoshop and FIreworks does... the FTP program blows away my Windows clone. OpenOffice *IS* MS Office Pro available for free. etc.

    And the no viruses, adware, spyware, trojans just can't be brushed aside. Its amazing the amount of time I lose at work on XP with virus scans restarts and the like. And that's AT WORK where surfing is as safe as when your mother's looking over your shoulder. So...
    Alan Lastufka | www.BelaDMedia.com
    Producer/Artistic Design | Content Producer

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    Re: LINUX 1st impressions

    I take it your mother isn't a pervert?

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    Re: LINUX 1st impressions

    Or is that not the kind of surfing you were talking about?

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    Re: LINUX 1st impressions

    Hah. Yeah. ...But if you have a compy you could sacrifice for a bit - DL Mandriva and install it. Give it a shot.
    Alan Lastufka | www.BelaDMedia.com
    Producer/Artistic Design | Content Producer

    20 Things

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    Re: LINUX 1st impressions

    in the film world the best programs are still on SGI boxes running unix or linux.
    (IE discreet.com) reason : speed, stability. its not cheap SGI boxes start at
    I had some brief experience in that world for a while.
    although mac's and PC are getting faster especially when networked. the big trojon horse is still MS windows which is basically recycled NT with junk on it.
    I was weary of linux at first because the apparent "lack" of popular biz apps. i was way wrong. now imagine giga on a linux/xeon box with 6 plus gigs of ram. its possible.

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