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Topic: Motu 2408 & GS96

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    Motu 2408 & GS96

    Can anyone get the motu 2408 to work at a latency that\'s exceptable for realtime use. I tried the other day with the idea to replace my ego-sys gigastation card, but the performace was no where near as good - the latency was way higher then the gigastation card.

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    Re: Motu 2408 & GS96

    I\'ve got my 2408 set at it\'s lowest buffer setting on win 98se. I found that my midi cables were too long. Make as short a chain between the keyboard and the midi interfaces for giga. I run giga on a separate system from logic on another system. So I have a midisport 8X8 for giga(hoping Tascam will up the poly by adding more midi ports). and a amt8 by emagic for the other system. I have all the midi stuff all within Ft of each other, My longest midi cables is 1.5ft. Realise that with 2 computers my Roland weighted hp1700 and Korg trinity are connected to the amt8 for logic then daisy chained over to the midisport for giga. So I assign the channel in logic to enable the giga channels.
    So I\'m going through 2 midi serial interfaces before I even think about the audio card latency. For the 2408 I had found that the audio drive seemed to be a huge impact on the ability to lower the buffer setting to it\'s lowest. I run 2 drives off a raid card for the giga samples.
    I am extremely pleased with the low latency.
    Obviously get the most recent giga drivers for the 2408.

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