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Topic: gigasampler with terratec ews64s and sb live (value)

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    gigasampler with terratec ews64s and sb live (value)

    Hi there,

    i\'m using a radium version of gigasampler v1.52 (i have to confess) in order to evaluate the compability to my configuration before i buy it.
    I\'m trying to make it work with cubase vst 3.7. The ews for vst, the sb live for giga. Now, when both cards are properly installed, gigasampler crashes on startup, showing me a blue screen under win98. If i deactivate one o the drivers (no matter which) it works ok. Any idea how this can be fixed ? Will v1.6 cure that problem ?
    Any advices are welcome. Moreover, if anyone could send me the upgrade file to v1.6 so i could try that it would be great.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Re: gigasampler with terratec ews64s and sb live (value)

    I really don\'t think the upgrade will work with a Radium release. You would be better off buying it. But to answer your question, yes, 1.6 cures that problem. Even though you get a blue screen, you should still be able to continue by pressing any key. Hope you like it enough to buy it. Later

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