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Topic: "Creatures From The Pink Lagoon" - by David Maddux

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    "Creatures From The Pink Lagoon" - by David Maddux

    Main Title from a Seattle-produced indie film; a spoof of 60's horror flicks. Think: Ed Wood meets John Waters.

    Whole thing is GPO, except for the theremin [sample in Reaktor].

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    Re: "Creatures From The Pink Lagoon"

    WOW, you are so talented David!


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    Re: "Creatures From The Pink Lagoon"

    Great job. I love the long, creepy intro and especially the theremin. Very cool. I've got to get a sampled theremin after hearing this. Thanks for posting it.

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    Re: "Creatures From The Pink Lagoon"

    I enjoyed this piece, definitely sounds like martians are coming out of the pink lagoon . . . or something.
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    Re: "Creatures From The Pink Lagoon"

    I don't even know what a theremine is...
    It sounds like some kind of aspirin.


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    Re: "Creatures From The Pink Lagoon"

    Amazing work David! I have to echo DPDAN in saying that you have some incredible talent. Very cool!

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    Re: "Creatures From The Pink Lagoon"

    Yes, very nice.

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    Re: "Creatures From The Pink Lagoon"


    I can't wait to see the premier in Seattle!

    Maybe the world needs an out-of-this-work sci-fi library . The theremin work is classic!

    Just amazing phantasmigorical work!

    Thanks for posting this.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: "Creatures From The Pink Lagoon" - by David Maddux

    Wow, this gives is a bit... chilling...

    Which is why it's indeed a very great composition!
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    Re: "Creatures From The Pink Lagoon" - by David Maddux

    Whoa! Excellent work David. Man, I sure would like to hear more (and see the film as well). Is that a live theremin or is it a VST like Mysterio? (I think that's what it's called) I don't know, sounds pretty live to me! Excellent job. Maybe you could post some more later.

    Keep up the great work.
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