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Topic: What do you do for a living?

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    What do you do for a living?

    What is your primary source of employment? Whether you are a student of a professional with mega degrees. Does it involve music totally, a combination of music and part time something other than, or?
    Me, I'm the guy who puts those tiny stickers on apples and oranges.

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    Smile Re: What do you do for a living?

    Quote Originally Posted by Styxx
    What is your primary source of employment? Whether you are a student of a professional with mega degrees. Does it involve music totally, a combination of music and part time something other than, or?
    Me, I'm the guy who puts those tiny stickers on apples and oranges.
    Music teacher and church organist.

    Btw. I always wanted to try and see if I could get position to put tiny stickers on apples and oranges.

    my cafepress store
    my fine art print store
    my music store

    Please support your fellow musician from Iceland where the currency has fallen 70% against USD and 90% against EURO! Every dollar or euro counts!

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    Re: What do you do for a living?

    My degree is in Chemistry, and I am the Director of Research and Development at a major consumer products testing firm. My particular expertise is the formulation of consumer products, i.e. developing the "recipes" for things like cosmetics, health and beauty aids, household cleaners, etc. It may not be music, but it's a very creative position, which is important to me. It's a lot like cooking in some regards. I even get quoted in magazine articles quite a bit -- you (or maybe your wives/girlfriends) may frequently see my name in "Allure" talking about new cosmetic products.

    Beyond that, I have two side businesses which keep growing each year. I play guitar/keyboards and sing with the contemporary Christian music group "CrossWalk", and I operate Hammertunes Project Studio, my Sonar-based recording studio.


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    Re: What do you do for a living?

    Banking software designer and developer. Music is a hobby: I try to compose a little bit and I conduct and arrange for a eight men vocal group.
    Pierre Laroche

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    West Seneca, NY

    Thumbs up Re: What do you do for a living?

    Wow! Some pretty interesting positions held outside of music. Let's hear more!

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    Re: What do you do for a living?

    Whatever it takes to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table!

    I started out as a hardware engineer designing communications systems for hazardous environments. This company supported my interests in audio engineering and acoustics! At the time, music was strictly a hobby, though it was my #1 hobby.

    From there I went into the wonderful world of software engineering, still in the telecommunications field, and still with a company that understood the value of my memberships in organizations like AES and ASA. Music was still a hobby, although my guitar collection had started growing.

    The funny thing was, there was no such thing as system administration and maintenance back then, it was all self defence! Somehow, I ended up on that end of the business, which paid the bills, but gone was any pretense of engineering.

    Lest that sound too negative, I did spend about five years working for KPMG, one of the big4 consulting companies. That was an experience and an education! Not before and not since have I had the chance to work with such brilliant people!!! If it weren't for the fact that the flight crews on the coast-to-coast flights knew me by name I'd probably still be there, even if it isn't an engineering company!

    In parallel with all of that, I started a small company to do design and maintenance work for broadcasters and recording studios. Some of my clients couldn't really afford me, so I ended up taking equipment, usually in non-working condition, in trade. Somehow, and again I'm not sure how, I ended up with a recording studio in my bedroom of my first apartment.

    That side business was growing, and I was nearly in a position to exit corporate america when the ADAT hit the market. Overnight the number of studios that were willing to pay my rates dropped to near zero. Ok, it wasn't overnight, but it sure felt that way<G>!

    Where does music fit into all of this?

    Well, having the studio meant that I ought to use it, and using it meant that I needed to build a dedicated space for it, and building a dedicated space for it meant I ought to use it more...

    And then about three years ago I had the opportunity to write incidental music for a theatrical production that I was lighting. Prior to that I had been doing some arrangements for small ensembles, but it was that composing gig that made me finally recognize that music really was my second love, and that much of my frustration over the years had been my efforts to bury that interest!

    All of that leads to the answer to the original question, believe it or not!

    I am trying (desparately at this point) to support my family with that side business, but it has grown. In addition to the technical services, I've added creative services - music composition and arranging and recording and producting and mixing... but not mastering, and information technology related services. As I'm sure some will guess, the later is the one that is bringing in the most business, and it still isn't enough!

    My goal is to grow the audio and music related aspects of the businee to the point where I can exit gracefully from the computer stuff.

    There is still a market for original music, as many here can attest to, and in fact it is growing, fueled by the internet, and computer games, and ever more sophisticated point-of-presence marketing schemes. The bad news is that breaking into that market space is no easier now that it was 20 years ago!

    And there is still a market for the techncial services... though it has shrunk to a mere shadow of itself. On the bright side, there are fewer practioners, and, the customers who are left are pretty serious about their businesses.

    How's that for a short answer? (perhaps I really should cut back on the morning coffee!!!)

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    Re: What do you do for a living?

    I'm a network analyst, I work for myself and provide IT support to a number of local companies.

    I also teach guitar with a music school (part-time), and mess around in my home studio trying to write nice wee tunes. I also do the occasional gig either playing on stage or as the sound guy.

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    Re: What do you do for a living?

    I'm a Network Engineer. I build, take-down, fix, break, all means of networking equipment and networks. Currently I work as a NOC Engineer. I spent 10 years with Microsoft in the Enterprise support role and in software "betas".

    I've been in music my whole life from a musical family, with Dad as a horn player, sisters in amateur opera, etc.. I got into orchestra "mock-ups" about 10 years ago when MIDI was still one port w/16 channels and MP3 was "new".


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    Re: What do you do for a living?

    I do IT/Application support - did desktop support for 1500 users the last 8 years or so - played rock music in the 70's - got saved in 1981 - got married in 1982 - have 10 children - can barley read music - weak on keyboard but with midi I've been able to "scratch it out".

    The music is a hobby to me - just want to re-do some of the old hymns and use GPO to add some realistic instruments to daughter's piano, son's flute, and my acoustic guitar and bass - simple stuff - not good at arrangments - play by ear - guitar is my main instrument and due to age and lack of use have even gotten weak at that - I just cannot devote the time needed to produce what you folks put out but now that I'm working out some of the GPO recording issues I'm starting to move along and am excited

    I play guitar, bass and some keys
    Oldest daughter plays piano - self taught
    Second oldest son plays flute - self taught - minoring in music at Jacksonville U
    Second oldest daughter learning piano also
    Third oldest daughter just got a violin - her nickname is "Screech" now -

    Just want some live musici in the home soo we, as a family, can play and record the old hymns together.

    All home-schooled - the poor man's "Van Trapp Family Singers" except....none of us can sing a lick!!! - We do instrumentals for now.

    God bless

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    Re: What do you do for a living?

    Answer far too many posts on different forums. ( .. need to get a life )

    -- atonal

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