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Topic: StormDrum Intakt/Logic 7.1 hotfix

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    StormDrum Intakt/Logic 7.1 hotfix


    I've just purchased Stormdrum and from researching on this site and others it appears I need the AU hotfix 1.0.7 in order to get Logic to see Intakt. I can't find it on the Native Instruments site and their tech support has yet to repsond to me. Any idea where I can get this hotfix? Was it removed from the NI site for some reason?

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    Re: StormDrum Intakt/Logic 7.1 hotfix

    Its still there.
    If you`ve registered your product, login at NI`s website.(from leftside)
    Then select "Updates" from "Quick Links" at the bottom left corner.
    If you don`t register and login, you won`t be able to see the Updates.

    Also if you`ve downloaded the hotfix updater in the past
    and have, "Do not display files that I have already downloaded" selected,
    be sure to unselect it.

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