Hi there,

On my host machine I have an RME 52/96 Hammerfall (3 ADAT in/out and s/PDIF).

I have one set going to my Tango 24 and the other two to my other 2 gigas - everything is locked up perfect and I can send digital signals to the Host from the 2 existing giga PC's when I want to record finals tracks (after composing). - note: I run a pair of 1/4" cables out of the two giga PC's now for monitoring (those cards are Gina 24's).

The question is adding this third giga.

Can I run this new 3rd giga PC (using wavecenter PCI sound with 1 set of ADAT and s/PDIF) - to the RME Host machine card via s/pdif?

Theoritcally it should work, right? How will I monitor through my analogue board (as I do now with the other 2 PC's)? My host program is SX 3.1.

Getting really stoked about getting this new XPC PC built and up and running - but want to be sure I can lock it in with the other units, monitor it, and eventually send digital signals from it to the Host.

Many thanks for any advice you can give.