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Topic: 64 Channels 160 polyphony?

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    64 Channels 160 polyphony?

    Setup: Asus A7V-266 1Gig PC 133 Ram 2 ATA-100 Maxtor Drives M-Audio TDIF Card Win Me configured to Tascam recommendations DMA checked etc.

    I can get 160 polyphony with a few instruments no problem, no clicks or pops. Then I fill out most Midi channels and go up to 60% memory and then the clicks and pops start to happen.

    Even when playing 1 Dan Dean flute note I will get clicks.

    Do I have the wrong Motherboard? Any ideas how to fix this? Any insights? Thanks!

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    Re: 64 Channels 160 polyphony?

    You might benefit from the work-around or what became called the \"temporary fix\" for the clix and pops problem LOTS of us experience when memory goes past 60%.

    1) Load your performance to say 70% memory or over.

    2) Delete all but one instrument, so that the memory is now brought down to under 10%.

    3) Load in a DIFFERENT small performance

    4) Re load your original performance: the one you want to work with. From now on, until this machine is switched off, there will be no more clix or pops or glitches.

    Well, at least for everyone I know who\'se tried it. I have three machines and it works EVERY time. I know others with many machines and its worked on ALL of them.

    Something to do with loading, clearing the memory to a minimum, reloading, seems to clean it up. I dont understand it but it works. A real solution (software update?) has not yet been implemented, but this works every time.

    Unless, of course, it\'s happening to you for a different reason. But I read your question with no surprise.

    If I have to switch the machines off, I reload and go through the procedure. I then never have to do it again so long as I leave the machines ON. After the procedure you can load and reload performances etc as you wish.

    [This message has been edited by Robert Kral (edited 01-13-2002).]

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    Re: 64 Channels 160 polyphony?

    Thanks very much Robert. You are absolutely correct. This does make a major difference.In fact I may not need to run a 3rd GigaStudio now to get enough voices.

    This is a SERIOUS BUG for GigaStudio. We should bug Tascam for a REAL FIX.

    Then again perhaps its a problem with different types of RAM, Registered/non registered etc. What works the best? I will try the DDR Ram and see if it makes a difference.

    BTW I also use Halion and I don\'t see/hear this problem with the Steinberg Software but then again I havent really pushed it as far..I also wonder if users of commercial systems from Soundchaser etc. have had this problem. Somehow I would think not. Thanks again.

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    Re: 64 Channels 160 polyphony?

    Mel Tron:

    For now, I am very pleased to hear that this \"fix\" has worked for you also. Like I said, I don\'t understand it, but thank God it works or my three machines would be a source of frustration everytime I went to do a final recording.

    Tascam: are you reading this??

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    Re: 64 Channels 160 polyphony?

    You may wanna post this on the Tacsam Giga forum site..
    I see a Tascam rep there.

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    Re: 64 Channels 160 polyphony?

    Run a search of the forum and you will see that this has been posted numerous times. I\'m curious as to wheterh this happens on the version 2.5. Anyone see it?


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