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Topic: Let's Dance

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    Let's Dance

    Have two left feet?

    The Library of Congress has quite a collection of dance videos.

    There are 82 video clips that show you all the latest steps (as of the turn of last century) including Renaissance, Baroque, Early Mid & Late Nineteenth-Century and Ragtime dance steps.

    "These clips were selected from two different videotaping sessions. The first was a public event, "Society Dances and Parlor Amusements in The Great Hall," which took place at the Library of Congress on October 15, 1997. The event, which marked the 100th anniversary of the Library's Jefferson Building, featured late 19th-century dances performed in costume against the backdrop of the Great Hall, with music provided by a wind band using period instruments. The second videotaping session took place in the Library's Coolidge Auditorium on April 14, 1998. The videos from this session feature a pair of dancers demonstrating specific dances or movements from selected manuals in the collection. All time periods are represented in these videos."

    May be good to have a competition to write demos to some of these videos.

    Grab your partner and enjoy!

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    Re: Let's Dance

    These are cool and fun to watch! What ever happened to the art of dance? Writing music for these would certainly be fun, sounds like a good idea for a competition!
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    Re: Let's Dance

    Quote Originally Posted by SeanHannifin
    These are cool and fun to watch! What ever happened to the art of dance? !
    In the late 1960's dancing or some sort of structured dancing lost popularity. It was hard to dance when you could barely just stand up and keep from freakin' out. I remember the dancing on American Bandstand got really boring to watch. The TV show Soul Train was still showing some good moves on the floor. Soooouuulll Train!!

    Much of popular music today involves dancing but it's up on the stage to compensate for a lack of vocal talent. Dancing is more of a spectator event now.

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    Re: Let's Dance

    No Charleston?! That's the one I wanna learn how to do!

    I see they also don't have any early 17th-century English dances, which are about the only ones I know.
    -- Jeff Lee
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