Hi there,
This is just a thought? When are we going to be in a situation where by we can use standard networking cables for midi and audio transfer?
I mean - wouldn\'t it be nice to have 2 or more pcs networked together and to have them linked to - say - Cubase running on one machine, with the midi connections between cubase and gigastudio on the 2nd/3rd etc. machine being \'virtual\' midi-wires and the audio coming back, also being \'virtual\' audio connections, straight into cubase?
Be great. I can\'t think why this isn\'t already available? I mean, there are drivers to talk GS-><a soundcard> and GS-><a midi card>. Why can\'t someone create a \'virtual networked\' soundcard and midi card that appear to Gigastudio in the same way that a soundcard/midicard does, yet they allow clients to connect from all machines on the network???
Seems sensible.
Then we would have much better latency, not to mention not requiring any extra cards, thus saving dosh... if all you did was use cubase, virtual synths and gigastudio, then all you\'d need would be a single audiocard on one machine?
Think I\'ll send this to the wish list!