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Topic: which synth?

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    which synth?

    What synth is this is? Or more of a question how can i program a soft synth to do this?

    you are hearing this sound in a few remixes lately.
    i love the Bill Conti's Rocky stuff.


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    Re: which synth?

    That just sounds like a really basic, maybe chorused sine wave with its pitch slowly being increased.. that combined with the orchestra is what is creating the effect you hear, I think.
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    Re: which synth?

    As Andrew said, it's a pretty basic synth sound. Maybe a couple of oscillators with sawtooths through a little lowpass filtering. What makes it different is the glide/portamento from low to high. I think the strings join in near the end of the glide as well. Almost any synth with a glide/portamento option could do this sound.

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    Re: which synth?

    maybe I'm just too tired, but it sounds like a moog.
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    Re: which synth?

    I think given the synths of the time, chances are it was one of those 3:


    Prophet-5 (or 10)

    Oberheim OB-8
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