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Topic: Help -- lost GigaStudio Projects

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    Help -- lost GigaStudio Projects

    About two months ago the audio drive in my GigaDAW died. I\'ve installed a new drive and restored all of the audio data that was lost. A PITA, but nothing devastating, after all, my gigastudio project files are stored on my boot drive.

    I just tried to load an older, pre-drive failure, project. Unfortunately, the program opens and no samples get loaded. Its as if I hit the \"Reset\" button. Shouldn\'t Giga search for, or ask the user to locate any sample files it can\'t find? All the samples have been reloaded, I guess they\'re just not in the same place. Perhaps this is a naive question, but are all my pre-drive failure files completely hosed?

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    Re: Help -- lost GigaStudio Projects


    APITA of the GSP files is that the samples have to be in the same directory/path for them to work

    Really...I am an Idiot

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