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Topic: Thanks, Alan and Frank

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    Thanks, Alan and Frank

    Alan and Frank;

    thanks so much for the beautiful music box, which I downloaded yesterday...the perfect thing for a little job I was working on. And thanks to Ned Bouhalassa for making the EXS version available.

    Much appreciated, all!


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    Re: Thanks, Alan and Frank

    Thank you Rob. Glad the Bela D Freebie was able to help you out for that project. If you get a chance to send me a link - the music box actually belongs to my mom - she gets a kick out of hearing it in others' compositions.
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    Re: Thanks, Alan and Frank

    Well, I hope you guys are satisfied! I didn't even have Kontakt until I heard the demo of the music box and decided I had to have it. Now, if only Kontakt 2 had been a "freebie" download as well...

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