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Topic: DFD problems with Kontakt 2.0.2 and Old Lady

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    DFD problems with Kontakt 2.0.2 and Old Lady


    I was wondering if anybody has successfully optimized Kontakt 2.0.2 and PMI Old Lady piano. I've tried over and over to tweak the DFD settings. Just when I think I am close to having it optimized, the CPU/DFD meters max out and overload.
    I thought that it was my computer, but I've heard of people having similar issues with machines that have twice the CPU power as mine. I believe it is something to do with the IR Reverb in Kontakt.

    eMac 1.25 GHZ Processor, 1 GB Ram
    Cubase SX 3.1
    M-Audio Firewire 410 Sound Card
    LaCie 160 GB External Firwire used for DFD
    M-Audio Keystation Pro 88

    If anyone can help me optimize my settings, I would be very grateful.


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    Re: DFD problems with Kontakt 2.0.2 and Old Lady

    There are issues with Harmonics and the CPU power needed to tie the release samples to the sustain samples after you release the sustain pedal that causes cpu spikes and system overload. I'm on a pc. Just my 2 cents.

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    Re: DFD problems with Kontakt 2.0.2 and Old Lady

    THere is a problem with the Convolution in K2 but also i would get 2 gb of ram jsut to be safe..Best Rich

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    Re: DFD problems with Kontakt 2.0.2 and Old Lady

    Hey Ron,

    I use a very similar setup to you - K2 Old Lday, Firewire 410 and a Lacie ext drive running off a 1.7 Centrino (=3Ghz P4 approx). I also get occaisonal DFD spikes.

    However I've also recently discovered that if I run my Lacie drive and the Maudio off the *same firewire bus* then my data transfer speed drops from about 41Mb/s on the Lacie to 20Mb/s - do you have your Lacie daisychained off your Maudio?

    The solution here is to either put an additional FW card in - (NOTE: make sure you run the Lacie of the new card, the Maudio will freeze if it's not on the main fwire bus), or run your Lacie off USB2 (if you have a multi-interface Lacie) which gives a respectable 35Mb/s approx.

    Whilst this hasn't eliminated the odd blip it does at least guarantee a good overall throughput of data between drive, computer and audio interface.

    Hope this helps!


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    Re: DFD problems with Kontakt 2.0.2 and Old Lady

    Thanks guys for the help. I'll try your suggestions.


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