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Topic: Post Piano or Art Vista to Fantom X6

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    Post Piano or Art Vista to Fantom X6

    I'm hoping to load into my Roland Fantom X6 one of the mentioned Sample sets. The Fantom has ~544mb availible for 16bit format. Roland also has a conversion tool that will handle S-700 format patches and convert them to Fantom compatible files. I own both the Art Vista and Post Magic bundle. I looking for some direction as to what patch and sample set to start with. I imagine I will need Chicken Sys also.
    Any help or views on this subject is much appreciated.



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    Re: Post Piano or Art Vista to Fantom X6

    Phantom is a sample-from-ram only machine. It allows you to use flash memory cards for storage, and when you are prepared to edit instruments to fit in the 500 MB memory requirement then in principle yes, you could load one of the above two piano sets, albeit losing many of their features. You will at least lose the number of velocity layers. Not certain what happens to release samples and sustain pedal samples.

    There are several resources and (as always) start at Translator
    and check this one for their special converter:

    So now you will need someone to create a 500 MB version of these 2-3 Gigabyte pianos.
    PMI has a limited edition version of the Bosendorfer 290 that circulated as part of a music mag promotion (MusicTech UK + US).
    There are also some small versions of Old Lady and EMPEROR (as distributed with the latest PMI Group-Buy) that you could use.

    You can contact us to get a copy of these files and try to convert them to Phantom format.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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