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Topic: QLSO Gold String Quartet EQ Tips...

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    Bond Cue Mix Check

    Hi, I have got to a 1st level in my mix stage...just wanted to run it by some of you Masters.

    I am hoping to automate some volume levels, let me know what is missing-weak, etc...

    Thanks, Jeff.


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    Re: QLSO Gold String Quartet EQ Tips...

    Depends on what you're trying to do... EQ is usually done correctively, but sometimes you can make disparate instruments fuse together better by sending them to a group and treating that group.

    Probably the most effective way of getting these "players" to sound like they're in the same space is through using reverb and, possibly, EQing the reverb. I'd do "corrective EQ" on each instrument first, then send them all to the same reverb and EQ the reverb to sound more distinctive.

    Hope I've helped...

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    Re: QLSO Gold String Quartet EQ Tips...

    Great approach!

    I will try that in the mix stage.

    Thank, Jeff.

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