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Topic: USB midi with Giga and windows XP

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    USB midi with Giga and windows XP

    Is latency improved with Gigastudio 160
    running on windows XP with an USB midi interface??
    Any other Midi interface available without audio that is PCI or ISA ???
    I need minimum 4 midi ports and would preferabely be rackmount..!


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    Re: USB midi with Giga and windows XP

    Hello Yves,

    I\'ve read mixed opinions about the suitability of USB for audio and midi. If you\'re going for USB, it would be good to have a decent return policy on what you buy- and I\'d suggest that the hardware be forward compatible with the USB2.0 specification which is quite a bit faster.

    Another way to go is a firewire PCI card and one of the Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU) firewire interfaces.


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