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Topic: Generate your own songs - try it

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    Generate your own songs - try it

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    Wolfram technology is responsible for Mathematica, the premier mathematics software tool.

    They now have been using mathematica to generate music.

    You can try it out..in a number of styles!

    I think the dance-type and pop/rock stuff lends itself to algorithmic composition a lot more than classical.

    You can also set the instruments and a number of other parameters...

    But you can try it out here:


    From a page on the site:

    Why does WolframTones work?
    It's a rather direct consequence of a core phenomenon of Stephen Wolfram's science: that programs with very simple underlying rules can generate great complexity of behavior. (See Chapter 2 of A New Kind of Science.) The presence of simple rules leads to local regularities, and a certain overall consistency in each composition. The complexity leads to "surprises" that our ears seem to like. One day we'll probably understand more about how it relates to human auditory perception.


    Note: you can save the ones you like. You can capture the "URL" in your browser and post it here.

    Using our musical skills and judgement, we can cull through the crap and find some happy accidents! Share them!

    --- Glenn

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    Re: Generate your own songs - try it

    Yikes, even their classical was far too random to be enjoyable to the ear. Pretty interesting though
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    Re: Generate your own songs - try it

    I thought this simple classical theme it generated was a good start for something. It used an accordian as the sound, but with other instruments, it could be kind of nice as a theme, to my ears, and then you just add the brilliant variations you can come up with...

    Here it is:


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    Re: Generate your own songs - try it

    le bump!....

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