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Topic: Imprecise percussion in GPO-Sibelius

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    Imprecise percussion in GPO-Sibelius

    In Sibelius 3: I'm using GPO's percussion for the first time and find that on playback, both the timpani and the snare seem very imprecise in the attacks. For instance, four 16ths in a row sound hesitant and unequal, absolutely not all on the correct pulses. As though the drummers had had several drinks during intermission.

    In both parts I'm mixing up 8ths, 16ths and quarters, and some longer rolls (tr--- line).

    The other instruments (strings, brass, piccolo, bass drum) are behaving. What makes the kettles and snares stumble?

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    Re: Imprecise percussion in GPO-Sibelius (problem solved)

    Nobody responded to this -- you guys must suspect Smitty is a little hard of hearing, or short on musical talent...

    Disliking the sounds he was hearing and the drunken drums, Smith just pulled out his Soundblaster Live! 24bit card and installed a new EMU 1212M. Aha, THAT was the problem. All of a sudden the drummers are hitting the skins when they are supposed to.

    I had recorded a few pieces with the Soundblaster before replacing it. The drums are now okay, listening with the 1212M card, even though the mp3 was recorded with the cheap card.

    What would cause the irregular beats?

    Interesting phenomenon: now it seems on Sibelius playback that my piccolo is often playing "notes inegales" (= unequal notes) in diminution passages. That's an early-music concept whereby in, say, a passage of 16ths the strong beat of each pair would be accented slightly stronger and longer than the weaker beat. It's certainly within the style in this case, but I would prefer equal notes.

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    Re: Imprecise percussion in GPO-Sibelius

    Problem mostly solved in another subforum: see:

    "GPO percussive instruments in Sibelius sound bad" in Tips & Tutorials.

    It's latency and polyphony.

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