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Topic: External hard drives

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    External hard drives

    Hi all, I was wondering if it would be good idea to buy an external harddrive for my sound samples. Would it be a bottleneck?

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    Re: External hard drives

    Depends...is it a Firewire 800? That should be plenty fast for streaming. USB 2.0 and Firewire 400 should still be able to handle things but probably not as many tracks as a FW800.
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    Re: External hard drives


    Does anyone have experience with playing virtual pianos from an external harddrive connected trough usb2?


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    Re: External hard drives

    Quote Originally Posted by Rons

    Does anyone have experience with playing virtual pianos from an external harddrive connected trough usb2?

    Good question, I've wondered about this myself. A friend of mine said to stay away from USB 2.0 and just get Firewire. Anybody with +/- experiences?

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    Re: External hard drives

    I stream Vintaudio's C7 samples over FW400 using EXS24. I've been very happy with the Neptune drives from OWC

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    Re: External hard drives

    I use a USB 2.0 drive. I HAD a piano library on it, but after I could only get about 10 voices out of the hard drive, I took my samples off of it. I still use it for libs like SD, or libs that have loops, but as for multisamples, nah. The bottleneck on USB is 480 mbs. The bus interface is the bottleneck. I would go FW 800 if possible. Or if money ins't an issue, maybe check out some of the new fiber optic external drives.

    I have been able to stream stuff off of a USB 2 drive fine though, and I acutally use it everyday.


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    Re: External hard drives

    Synergy543 hooked me up with kick A---! set up for external HD's.
    I go USB2 but it has Firewire 800 on it. What you so is get the HD seperately then the case that has Firewire and USB2. You can link these together or whatever and damn are they fast! It is possible to run samples with DFD right off the babies.
    this place has a great selection.
    good luck!
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    Re: External hard drives

    Firewire 400 is considerably faster than than USB 2.0. Though USB 2.0 runs at 480 mbs, Firewire is much more efficient at moving data.

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    Re: External hard drives

    Correct me if I am wrong , but 480 mbps = about 50Megs ps. This is very, very slow when compared to SATA drives - even the ones that plug in via a PCI card rather than the MB? Even Ultra ATA 100 is over 100Megs ps.

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    Re: External hard drives

    I have a dual interface FW400/USB2 case housing an ATA 200 gig drive and it runs about the same with either interface. But I tend to select USB2 for the HD more because I also use USB2 flash readers and a FW1884 for workstation audio. But on my laptop I more commonly use a USB122 for audio in which case I access the flash with a pcmcia adapter and switch the HD to firewire.

    I really only use the portable drive for laptop recording and moving projects between machines which don't have compatable drive trays. Internal UATA is about twice as fast while SATA is about triple. For even higher performance there's always scsi, sata-raid, scsi-raid, and fiber channel.


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