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    I am a dedicated Mac user. I use Digital Performer and a MOTU 828 interface with a G4 dual processor MAC (500mhz). The system flies. I have been reading a lot about GigaSampler and have listened to a number of demos, etc. and am very impressed. I wish to incorporate it into my system. I would like a very explicit explanation as to how to do so using a dedicated PC (preferably a laptop, if possible). If anyone has direct experience with this or a similar situation using a Mac, please be so kind as to guide me. Thank you kindly in advance...

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    You\'re where I was in November. I, too, use a dual 500 G4. My research led me to Sound Chaser (www.soundchaser.com). I now have GigaStudio 160, running on a DAW from SC, through a MOTU 2408, which is also connected to the Mac, using MOTU Digital Performer (for sequencing and audio mixing) on the Mac.

    This is all very overwhelming at first, and becomes less so over time. A month ago, I didn\'t know what any of this gibberish meant. Their guy, Pete Snell, listened to my needs, and recommended a system. They built the PC, preinstalled GS and all the samples, shipped the whole works to me, and helped me over the phone to hook it all up.

    There\'s still lots of mystery to be untangled, but after just 2 weeks and no prior MIDI experience, I had produced an audio file of a tune, with several instruments. Every day reveals more clarity.

    I\'ve read and heard that a laptop PC is really not what you want to try this on. GS is very demanding, and the PC needs to be tweaked for optimum performance. Pete and his friends at SC are my lifesaver on this.

    By the way, I put together a cabling diagram on my whole setup (PDF file). E-mail me if you\'re interested. Hope this helps.

    Perry S

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    Thanks, Perry. I\'ll look into that website. Also will email you for PDF diagram on your setup. Your input is greatly appreciated.


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