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Topic: Sonar - difference between banks and presets? (fxb, fxp)

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    Sonar - difference between banks and presets? (fxb, fxp)

    Sorry guys, I'm posting here because they got rid of the 'Software' forum...

    When working with VSTs in Sonar (such as Atmosphere), you can click the presets menu and choose to Save Preset (.fxp) or Save Bank (.fxb). What is the difference? I did some searching through the manual and found nothing relevant.

    Thanks in advance..
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: Sonar - difference between banks and presets? (fxb, fxp)

    Generally: a preset saves one instrument, whereas a bank saves many presets.

    Ex: I use Halion as my main thing. Halion can be loaded with anything from 1 to 127 instruments (programs). If I select "Save preset" Halion will save the selected instrument (program). But if I select "Save bank" Halion will save its entire setup - consisting of all instruments and all parameters loaded at that time.

    Now, Atmosphere is not multitimbral in the same sense as Halion, so I'm not sure what "Save bank" would add over "Save preset" in that case. Maybe "Save bank" includes some main parameters that are left out if choose "Save preset" (?)

    But at least now you know the main difference between Presets and Banks - I hope.
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