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Topic: How do you make legato strings?

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    How do you make legato strings?

    In my first piece, I'm having trouble trying to get the string melody a nice smooth legato... I'm using Siblelius 3 for my notation program. I've tried adding the sustain pedal, but the blurs gets to strong, and it makes very unpleasant noises...

    So uh... a little help please? Advice? Suggestions? All that jazz?

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    Re: How do you make legato strings?

    Try clicking the "Options" button on the GPO player, and making sure the Sustain/Sustenuto [sic] Pedal Mode is set to "MIDI CC" ("no sustain/sustenuto operation, but MIDI controller").
    -- Jeff Lee
    Etiam singula minima maximi momenti est - Even the smallest detail is of the utmost importance

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    Re: How do you make legato strings?

    Also, make sure that the polyphony is set above 1, probably 4 or higher would be good.

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