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Topic: Wishing feature for GPOA

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    Wishing feature for GPOA

    Working on a string quartet presently and come to think of how nice it would be to have left hand pizzicato for solo strings. Not at all that uncommon, I think, at least not for violin/viola.

    And if guitar is going to be included in GPOA, also having the possibility to chose an open string instead of a stopped note would be nice. Maybe by a MIDI control?
    This would of course be very nice to have for all strings but I think it's very important for a realistic guitar sound.


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    Re: Wishing feature for GPOA

    Yes, I guitar would be very nice...

    Maybe just a regular harmonica as well...

    I can't wait for the Choir/Voice plug in though.... Been wanting to add some vocal melodies...

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    Re: Wishing feature for GPOA

    Don't know why this thread disappeared so soon?

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    Re: Wishing feature for GPOA

    Quote Originally Posted by Tangram
    Don't know why this thread disappeared so soon?
    I think it's because most of the decisions for instruments have been made for gpoa, and this kind of stuff is kinda esoteric, so it won't make it into something like gpoa right now... Plus, I gotta tell you, if you write a string quartet and use any pizzicato, it's gonna sound the same to the people listening.... So, it's like a place marker for the real performance...

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