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Topic: Biergarten Mazurka

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    Biergarten Mazurka

    Here is an original polka band waltz I did a few years ago. This is straight out of Finale 2006 with very little post-processing. It's kinda goofy, but I bet you'll be whistling it later!

    The Biergarten Mazurka

    Hope you enjoy!

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    Re: Biergarten Mazurka

    Bwah, I just love the "goofy-ness-ish-ness" of this piece!!! I like it a lot!! Makes me want to get up, and start dancing... kinda...

    *starts to whistle*

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    Re: Biergarten Mazurka

    One can see crowds of people seated in a biergarten swaying back and forth with steins in hand.
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