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Topic: New DL multi patches

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    New DL multi patches

    Hey there - should probably check the RMX site more but noticed some new Multi patches for BB and Lig groove (both I have). I use BB a lot - has anyone DL'd these and tried them out. What function do they serve?

    Build a song with BB and RMX is a snap - how could these improve this process?

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: New DL multi patches

    With Backbeat they serve very little purpose, but with about everything else, they're pretty cool. What you may not appreciate is that there are RMX FX (reverbs, delays, procession, etc.) already programmed into the multis... Sometimes this yields very new and interesting results that go way beyond the "straight" versions right out of the box.

    If you're programming with Backbeat you're probably just trying to emulate a real drummer, but with most everything else that RMX has to offer, a little Eric-styled FX is a very cool addition. I especially like the multis from RetroFunk and Metamorphosis... they are variations on the theme, and nice ones too.

    The way really check these multis out is to "MIDI learn" some RMX mute buttons on the mixer page into an external MIDI controller and start muting some instruments (like the heavy drum loop in the multi) and leaving the percussion and atmospheric stuff playing. The multis tend to be super dense and some mutings help to show more potential...

    I get the question... I had the same question myself until I pulled out my MRC fader/switch box and started getting into "MIDI learn"...

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