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Topic: Hands in pockets

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    Hands in pockets

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    Back when I was in Boy Scouts the leaders made it clear that when there was work to be done, they didn't want to see us standing around with our hands in our pockets. On some mornings in the Sierras it was darn cold. If you didn't have gloves, it was uncomfortable to bring your hands out into the open, but there was a campfire to start, breakfast to cook and tents to pack.

    I saw a video of Cheney touring New Orleans yesterday. It wasn't cold. There's lots to do. Yet, there he was, walking with the tour group, looking at his feet, hands in pockets.

    I don't expect the man to grab a shovel or tarzan people to safety. But a passionate leader would be talking with their hands, pointing people toward tasks and demanding results fist upon palm.

    Instead, where were his hands? In his pockets.

    The leaders of my Boy Scout troop wouldn't have tolerated it.


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    Re: Hands in pockets

    It's where his thumb has been all along that concerns me.

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    Re: Hands in pockets

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Batzdorf
    It's where his thumb has been all along that concerns me.
    Robert Gregory Browne
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    KILLER YEAR: Stories to Die For (Jan. 2008)
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    Re: Hands in pockets

    I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read you post, Nick!


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    Re: Hands in pockets

    Cheney has always struck me as being one of the most cynical people.
    His contempt for humanity seems to almost have an odor.

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