Can someone help me to render Finale 2006 files with GPO?

I am currently engraving music for wooden sailing
ships of the early 19th Century, specifically the
bugle & boat calls for US men-of-war. These were
played with a Keyed Bugle in the Key of B flat.

I cannot run GPO on my current system, but I can
run Finale 2006. I am still using Windows 98 SE on
an old Intel Celeron 500 MHz based computer.

Would it be possible to e-mail a Finale 2006 file
containing some sample melodies to be recorded
using GPO, and e-mailed back as mp3 files to me,
perhaps using a Trumpet in B flat as solo instrument?

Perhaps you might make referrals about what computers
make for a good start in using GPO and the NI sample player?
What has worked best for you? And still affordable?

Of course I would welcome all helpful e-mails!